About Us

The Ascent to 55% initiative is a formalized effort to increase the state’s post-secondary education attainment level among working-age adults. Specifically, post-secondary attainment means a degree, credential or industry certification earned beyond high school.

Today Mississippi’s rate of workforce post-high school attainment is 45.2%, compared to the national average of 51.3%. Our goal of 55% by 2030 is ambitious, but achievable. To get there, we need everyone’s buy-in and advocacy. Ascent To 55% is dedicated to fostering exactly that.

The Lumina Foundation, a leading proponent of attainment goal-setting, expects that by 2025, 60% of Americans will hold a credential beyond high school. A more qualified workforce yields higher wages and a stronger, more vibrant Mississippi economy. Across the U.S., virtually all other states are also focusing on the same strategy: positioning their residents to compete in the 21st century economy that increasingly requires special knowledge, training and skills.

Our goal is to help Mississippi’s workforce Get In, Move Up, and Make More.