Improving Mississippi’s Workforce by Degrees

Our goal is to ensure at least 55% of Mississippians 25-64 have a College Degree or Post-secondary High Value Credential by 2030.

What is Ascent To 55%?

It’s the name of Mississippi’s formalized initiative to raise the state’s post-secondary education attainment level among our working-age adults. Specifically, post-secondary attainment means a degree, credential or industry certification earned beyond high school.

Why does this goal matter? Because a more qualified workforce yields higher wages and a stronger, more vibrant Mississippi economy. And, because across the U.S., virtually all other states are also focusing on the same strategy: positioning their residents to compete in the 21st century economy that increasingly requires special knowledge, training and skills. The Lumina Foundation, a leading proponent of attainment goal-setting, expects that by 2025, 60% of Americans will hold a credential beyond high school.

Today Mississippi’s rate of workforce post-high school attainment is 45.2%, compared to the national average of 51.3%. Our goal of 55% by 2030 is ambitious, but definitely achievable. To get there, we need everyone’s buy-in and advocacy. Ascent To 55% is dedicated to fostering exactly that.

Stay tuned…More information is coming soon.

Mississippi attainment goal compared to current average attainment and U.S. average attainment levels

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